Well, hello! And WELCOME! I am SO excited you’ve chosen to visit our DARE National Area website!


My name is Dacia Wiegandt, Senior National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc., which in Mary Kay, is a position comparable to a CEO of a business. I started my business in 2001, at just 21 years old, and debuted as the youngest National Sales Director in the company in 2005.


When I first began, I never realized how much of blessing it would be to start my very own Mary Kay business, but after years of blessings chasing me, my family, and our wonderful area down, I’ve realized how taking a chance those 13 years ago was the best decision of my life!


Not only have I been blessed by the decision to start my business, but I’ve also been blessed by the hundreds, even thousands of women, I have come in contact with and made friendships with throughout the years with Mary Kay.


As you explore the pages of my website, I hope you will come to see the blessing of Mary Kay on my life as well as let it be a blessing to yours…whether it be joining my many satisfied customers (you can order products from me right from this page), watching “Why Start a Mary Kay Business?, a video I made to share my story and the Mary Kay Opportunity, joining my team of Independent Business Women and become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, or using the many resources here on my website to help grow your Mary Kay Business.





Senior National Sales Director