Become A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant this New Year

As we celebrate and welcome the New Year, Mary Kay offers new and exciting possibilities for you in 2015. In fact, for 50 years Mary Kay has offered beauty consultants with much more than just income opportunities, instead, Mary Kay beauty consultants have been able to pursue life changing opportunities and benefits extended to them by the company that was founded in 1963, when Mary Kay Ash succeeded in making the impossible become a reality.

The corporate culture at Mary Kay is quite unique and empowering to one’s independent pursuits and goals as Mary Kay Ash began with practices such as imagining that everyone she met were wearing a sign that said “Make me feel important.” She also believed in having a balanced sense of priorities with her personal priorities of “God first, family second and career third,” at the same time making sure to do what is right, honorable and ethical with hard work.

This type of culture that Mary Kay Ash founded this company with, still stands today, which supports and empowers beauty consultants to accomplish their goals and succeed with a great team to back them up.

These motivations give purpose to Mary Kay as a company that creates endless opportunities for faith, family, and personal growth. Being a beauty consultant for Mary Kay means success in these areas and more through independent initiative – you make schedule and goals, while at the same time drawing form a great support system of like-minded and ambitious people.

If you would like to make exciting new changes in 2015, consider becoming a beauty consultant with Mary Kay and email Dacia Wiegandt, a Mary Kay National Sales Directorhere.