The History Behind Our Famous Pink Cadillacs

Mary Kay’s signature pink Cadillacs have occupied a special place in our company since the first five pink Coupe de Villes were first commissioned 45 years ago; today, more than 100,000 Mary Kay Cadillacs have been produced.

The first five Pink Cadillac Coupe de Villes were commissioned by Mary Kay Ash herself and she asked Cadillac to paint the cars “Mountain Laurel” blush to match our company’s color. Mary Kay then awarded her top five salespeople with the car and that tradition has continued from then on.

Today, the car has become a recognizable part of our brand. Last Halloween, the famous pink Cadillac even took part in the costumed festivities as the car was dressed up in different costumes so that fans could vote on their favorite costume through the pink Cadillac’s own Twitter account, fittingly the Miss Piggy costume won.

Clearly the pink Mary Kay Cadillac is still a prize to strife for at Mary Kay, however one prize update that has recently occurred is that premier directors, who are working towards a Pink Cadillac, receive an automotive prize of a black BMW 320i, instead of the Black Mustang that was once awarded. Though, the history filled Pink Cadillac still remains the prize to head towards an by now it is very well known that you see a pink cadillac on the road, there is an invaluable Mary Kay representative behind the wheel.

To learn more information of how you can strive towards driving off in a Mary Kay Pink Cadillac and how Mary Kay can support you in creating new opportunities for yourself, email Dacia WiegandtShe her Mary Kay business in July of 2001, and became a director 6 months later, she has gone on to earn seven cars from the company — four being the prestigious pearl Cadillac.