“No I can’t, my son has baseball!”

Baseball has been my life!

I married my high school sweetheart & he was a pitcher for our Westminster Christian National baseball Championship team. They were so good they were on the back of a Cheerios box (true story.)

I was a bat girl with the team too! Pretty smart I thought, because I got to travel with the team and look at hot guys! Lol


He then went to play for University of Miami & University of FL.
Basically, my whole life was watching a baseball game. So I thought: “I better start liking it”.

Actually, come to think of it, any guy I ever dated was a baseball player. I guess that was my thing!



I always dreamed of being a baseball mom & to have my boys love baseball like my husband did. Well, guess what, my dream came true. I have two boys that LOVE baseball. They are at the ball park 5 out of 7 days a week. Travel ball, regular ball, you name it!


Let’s just say we spend many of our nights at the ball park. Poor Addison is the baseball sister that has to stay up. However, she is a trooper & does it with enthusiasm.

Because we are at baseball games so much I had to find some cute baseball gear to rock it out and represent!

My all time favorites are my new grey vintage baseball tee from www.augustbleu.com with my HOT PINK NY hat from Amazon. The other shirt I’m obsessed with is from Amazon that reads, “ I CAN’T I HAVE BASEBALL.” Which is the story of our lives.


I just think any team sport that kids are involved in is great! It teaches discipline, practice, team work, perseverance, goal setting, falling down & getting back up.

So the baseball legacy still continues in our household……

Off to another baseball game! ⚾