Be You!

If someone had given me a crystal ball 20 years ago to predict my future I would have never believed them. In fact I would have told them they were crazy!

Marrying my high school sweetheart would be believable, but leading thousands of woman AND speaking in front of them?

My parents encouraged me and taught me to believe in myself, but I never felt like the leader of the pack. For the majority of my childhood/young adult life I took the back seat…my boyfriend (now husband) was in the spotlight as a baseball player so I supported him and traveled wherever he played.

I was a cheerleader but never tried out for captain.

I was in the choir but hesitated to try out for the solo.

I had leadership abilities but never worked hard to develop my skills.

And then something happened. A switch went off in my brain…I was holding myself back. Not my parents, not my boyfriend, but ME.
For years I enjoyed life in the backseat…I have no regrets and I am thankful for those experiences. The turning point was making the decision to start a Mary Kay business. Suddenly I was chasing dreams, achieving goals, and leading others.

I was my own captain.

People thought I was crazy (pretty sure my parents did, too for a while). I didn’t care.

People told me I would never be successful. I didn’t care.

People doubted my abilities because I was so young. I didn’t care.

People said my goals were too big and my dreams were impossible. I didn’t care.

And guess what? NOT CARING was the best attitude I could have ever had. Success came soon after I ditched the comparison game.
Maybe you’re not where you want to be in your life…your business, personal finances, health, relationships, etc. Whatever your challenges are you must remember a few things…

#1: God only created ONE of you.
#2: Comparison is the THIEF of JOY…put your blinders on and be YOU!
#3: When you embrace your gifts and believe in yourself other people’s opinions won’t matter…you will be YOU, and YOU are amazing!