Last week we celebrated our daughter’s seventh birthday at Disney World, also known as the “Greatest Place on Earth.” Disney’s goal is to create a magical experience for each and every guest…and we have never been disappointed. Disney World has an incredible way of sparking imagination and reigniting adults with their inner child…the inner child that has disappeared over time thanks to “real life.”


As children we are fearless, joyful and carefree. Somewhere along the lines of life we lose that passion and belief in ourselves. We start to doubt, we allow fear to creep in, and somewhere along the way we let go of our dreams.


The magic of Disney gives us freedom to dream again…the ability to be ourselves and embrace that kid inside who has been trapped with bills, family stress, and everything in between.


I realized during this recent trip how similar Disney World is to my Mary Kay business. In Mary Kay we encourage women to embrace their gifts and dream big. We focus on the power of positive thinking, with constant support and praise no matter where you may be in your career. We are a sisterhood that will praise you, not tear you down. We are a fearless tribe of women who believe in each other. In Mary Kay you are free to be the princess that God created you to be. No, this isn’t a fairy tale…it’s hard work. But anything worth having is worth working for (or paying for…hello Disney prices!)


I pray my children see their mommy as a fearless woman who has continued to dream and work hard.  My daughter told me she dreams of becoming a Disney Princess one day…I remind her that the crown is already hers…she just has to believe in herself and embrace the gifts God has given her.


Let’s take our own advice…the advice we give to children and the advice we give others.


Don’t waste your gifts and talents.


Stop questioning yourself and your business.


You are good enough.


You are here for a reason.


Embrace the inner princess God has created you to be.


The crown is already yours.