The Benefits and Rewards of Becoming an MK Beauty Consultant

Becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is a decision brings incredible possibilities for your life and it may just be the change you are looking for in 2015. As a beauty consultant, you will enjoy countless benefits and work towards rewards that are right for you, such as earning 50 percent on everything you sell. Also, you get to decide what motivates you and be able to set your own goals as you work independently to achieve those goals with a supportive team that is accessible to you.

Once you start a Mary Kay business, you’ll be able to work towards the perks and rewards that are specifically valuable to you. From your first day working with Mary Kay, you will be able to earn profits and rewards through product sales and can continue to earn bigger rewards and bonuses.

As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, you’ll have access to all the education available, several different ways of selling, and the support of many other Independent Beauty Consultants. Plus, as soon as you receive your starter kit, you’ll be able to start earning money and as an independent consultant, you will be in control of how much money you make.

One of the rewards you’ll be able to work towards is luxury travel trips to exotic locations around the world, these trips include locations like Hawaii, Sydney, Vienna, Paris, Hong Kong, and much more. These trip rewards are rightfully given to top independent sales members.

Other rewards include state of the art televisions for your family, gorgeous diamond rings or necklaces, and of course the famous pink Mary Kay Career Car. If you are interested in joining our team of beauty consultants, contact Dacia Wiegandt, Mary Kay National Sales Director.