Get Mary Kay Team Support at These Exciting Events

mary-kay-team-support-image-3As a Senior National Sales Director of Mary Kay, Dacia Wiegandt knows firsthand the process of learning to become a great Mary Kay sales representative. Not everyone is born a great salesperson and it often requires a lot of practice and training to be the very best sales representative you can be. But this isn’t something you have to do alone. There are a number of Team Support events throughout the year that help educate, motivate and even entertain you.

Our biggest event of the year, this annual four-day event offers the opportunity to learn about new company news and tips to become a better seller while also being basked with recognition as our top sales members are rewarded for their outstanding success in the past year.

Career Conference
This annual two-day event offers targeted career advice to help you grow as a Mary Kay representative. Here you can attend on-target education, workshops and motivational speeches that will help you develop your business and improve your sales skills in a meaningful way.

Leadership Conference
This one is for leaders only! The four-day conference offers advanced leadership workshops that will help you thrive while also praising the hard work of our sales leaders while also having incredible entertainment. Here you can also listen to talks by top Mary Kay executives and participate in product education.

These Team Support events are an important part of becoming an effective Mary Kay salesperson and a great opportunity to expand your horizons. For more information on how you can attend these events, click here.